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Assalamualaikum, I'm Nysa. Sweet 16teen. 13 November. Watch out your manners and have a nice day :-)

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Aina Syaza
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Hi guys, have a nice days! Actually, banyak aku nak update. But but but, bila dah bukak 'New post' tangan aku beku. Hmmp hmmp, then log out. Stupid right? Yeah, I know. Hakuw jarang online facebook and paling jarang update blogger, tapi aku selalu online Twitter. Search me okay? Hewhew, also you know what. My Twitter names I combine with my crush name. I'm romantic and I know it, hihi ^^V Still new, I do that because I really really miss him. Hmmp hmmp, hakuw selalu tunggu text dia every second. But...........Hmmp, nevermind lah. Forget it! Nah, my Twitter. Search and mention me!! Ok? Good boy/girl ;D Tata readers (';

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