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Assalamualaikum, I'm Nysa. Sweet 16teen. 13 November. Watch out your manners and have a nice day :-)

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Aina Syaza
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That day.
Hi guys! Today me want story bout my crush! Hewhew, yesterday me meet him. Ohmayyyyyy, kangen banget! Ahahaha, lol. I really really really love him! What? Prove it? Ok......I really really really love him sampai my twitter name pun combine with his name. Cool right? Ahaha, hang ado? Tak en,, eleh. Don't be jelly lah, cepuk tahu ah. Hewhew, dear crush. I miss you everyday, everytime, everysecond! Argh, me over sweet dah~ Hewhew, sweet just for my crush je. Nobody else ;-) Kguys, gtg. Bye! :-D

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