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Assalamualaikum, I'm Nysa. Sweet 16teen. 13 November. Watch out your manners and have a nice day :-)

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Aina Syaza
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Dear, thanks made me happy. Thanks made my day, thanks too for 7 Februari :-) I swear, you are the best ever I had. You're my love, my soulmate. I will take care you like I care my spongebob :p Hihi, joke. I'm sorry if I hurting you, maybe I'm not realize. I'm sorry love :'/ I know before this you have been a lot of patience with me, I'm sorry again :'/ I ego, I quick temper. I can't be perfect, I really hope you can accept me who I am. I give you my heart and I really begging you please take care my heart like you take care of your patrick :p Ok? Me loves you so much :-* Assalamualaikum :-)

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