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Assalamualaikum, I'm Nysa. Sweet 16teen. 13 November. Watch out your manners and have a nice day :-)

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Aina Syaza
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I'm back baby.
Assalamualaikum readers, how's your life? Hehehe, well Alhamdulillah I'm pink healthy. Ok, just want to remind all of you. I mean #TeamPmr2012 On 1 August, we have trial. So I hope all of us can do the best. So do me, I wish I have chance to make my both of parents proud of me. I really wish baby ;-) I do some revision and sometimes I fed up with those asdfghjkl question. InsyaAllah, usaha tangga kejayaan right? Kalau kita berusaha sungguh sungguh, InsyaAllah Dia akan bagi yang terbaik. And jangan lupa solat, mohon tenangkan fikiran dan gangguan syaitan yang menghasut bila nak belajar. Hehehe, so I think till here. I've to do some homework and revision, bye! Assalamualaikum readers. May Allah bless you all ;-)

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